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Ampulex Jurine

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Apoidea; Family: Ampulicidae; Tribe: Ampulicini)

Ampulex Jurine, 1807. Type species: Chlorion compressum of Latreille and of Fabricius [= Chlorion compressum (Fabricius 1804) = Sphex compressus Fabricius 1781, designated by Audouin 1822.Pronaeus Latreille 1809. Type species: Dryinus aeneus Fabricius 1804, designated by Latreille 1810. Synonymized by Pate 1935.
Lorrhoeum Shuckard 1837. Type species: Chlorion compressum (Fabricius 1804) [= Sphex compressus Fabricius 1781], by original designation and monotypy.
Rhinopsis Westwood 1844. Type species: Rhinopsis abbotti Westwood 1844 [= Ampulex canaliculata Say 1823], by monotypy.
Waagenia Kriechbaumer 1874. Type species: Waagenia sikkimensis Kriechbaumer 1874, by monotypy.
Chlorampulex de Saussure, 1892:441. Type species: Sphex compressus Fabricius 1781, designated by Pate 1937.

  Ampulex aeneus (Fabricius, 1804)
  Ampulex apicalis F. Smith, 1873
  Ampulex arnoldi Brauns in Arnold, 1928
Ampulex assimilis Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex bantuae Gess, 1984
Ampulex bredoi Arnold, 1947
  Ampulex chalybea F. Smith, 1856
  Ampulex compressus (Fabricius, 1781)
  Ampulex sibiricus (Fabricius, 1793)
  Ampulex conigera Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex crassicornis Kohl, 1898
  Ampulex crawshayi R. Turner, 1917
  Ampulex cyanator (Thunberg, 1822)
  Ampulex cyanipes (Westwood, 1841)
  Ampulex cyanura Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex cyanura monticola Arnold, 1928
  Ampulex cyanura rhodesiana Arnold, 1928
  Ampulex cyclostoma Gribodo, 1894
  Ampulex denticollis (Cameron, 1910)
  Ampulex denticollis rufithorax Arnold, 1931
  Ampulex dives Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex formosa Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex honesta Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex kristenseni R. Turner, 1917
  Ampulex lazulina Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex lesothoensis Gess, 1984
  Ampulex lugubris Arnold, 1947
  Ampulex luluana Leclercq, 1954
  Ampulex melanocera Cameron, 1908
  Ampulex moebii Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex montivaga Gess, 1984
  Ampulex mutilloides Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex nasuta Er. André, 1895
  Ampulex nebulosa F. Smith, 1856
  Ampulex nigrocoerulea de Saussure in Distant, 1892
  Ampulex nigrosetosa Gess, 1984
  Ampulex nitidicollis R. Turner, 1919
  Ampulex occipitalis Arnold, 1947
  Ampulex overlaeti Leclercq, 1954
  Ampulex psilopus Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex purpureum (Westwood, 1844)
  Ampulex senex Bischoff, 1915
  Ampulex spectabilis Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex splendidula Kohl, 1893
  Ampulex timulloides Gess, 1984
  Ampulex toroensis R. Turner, 1919
  Ampulex venusta Stål, 1857
  Ampulex viridescens Arnold, 1947


Worldwide, but most diverse in the tropics.
Ampulex_with_prey_Deropeltis_Dion_Brandt Ampulex_with_prey_Deropeltis_Dion_Brandt
A female Ampulex dragging its paralysed prey item Deropeltis erythrocephala to a nest site (Photographs © Dion Brandt).


Nest in hollow stems and crevices. Prey on cockroaches, which are paralysed and dragged backwards by the wasp to a suitable nest site in a crack or crevice. The nest is provisioned with one or more cockroachs, each prey item being separated with a loose plug of plant debris.


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CATALOG OF WORLD SPHECIDAE sensu lato (= Apoidea excluding bees) compiled by
Wojciech J. Pulawski (California Academy of Sciences).


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© Ahmed Mostafa Soliman (Plant Protection Department, College of Food and Agriculture Sciences, King Saud University).

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