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of the Afrotropical Region

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Braconidae)

ClassificationIdentification keys

  Adeshoides van Achterberg, 1983
Admonitosoter Mamood, Papp & Quick, 2010.
  Africadesha Quicke, 1986
  Amyosoma Viereck, 1913
  Aphrastobracon Ashmead, 1896
  Archibracon Saussure, 1892
  Aspidobracon van Achterberg, 1984
  Atanycolus Förster, 1862
Bacuma Cameron, 1906
Bathyaulax Szépligeti, 1906
Bracon Fabricius, 1804
  Braconella Szépligeti, 1906
  Campyloneurus Szépligeti, 1900
  Carinibracon van Achterberg, 1983
  Cassidibracon Quicke, 1987
  Chaoilta Cameron, 1899
  Chelonogastra Ashmead, 1900
  Commatapsis van Achterberg & Sigwalt, 1987
  Compsobracon Ashmead, 1900
Cratocnema Szépligeti, 1914
Cyanopterus Haliday, 1835
  Deltaphyma van Achterberg, 1983
  Digonogastra Viereck, 1912
  Dioxybracon Granger, 1949
  Doggerella Quick, Mamood & Papp, 2011
Esenga Cameron, 1906
  Euvipio Szépligeti, 1904
  Fraterarchibracon Quicke, 1985
  Glyptomorpha Holmgren, 1868
  Hybogaster Szépligeti, 1906
Iphiaulax Förster, 1862
  Iphibracon van Achterberg & Sigwalt, 1987
  Kimavu Quicke, 1986
  Latana Cameron, 1906
  Lasiophorus Haliday, 1838
  Malagopsis van Achterberg, 1983
  Megalommum Szépligeti, 1900
  Meganura Szépligeti, 1906
Merinotus Szépligeti, 1906
  Mesobracon Szépligeti, 1902
  Mesobraconoides Sarhan & Quicke, 1990
  Monilobracon Quicke, 1984
  Monocoila Roman, 1910
  Neohelcon Szépligeti, 1913
  Nundinella Szépligeti, 1914
  Odesia Cameron, 1906
  Odontoscapus Kriechbaumer, 1894
  Paxillibracon Quicke, 1985
  Physaraia Shenefelt, 1978
  Plaxopsis Szépligeti, 1905
Presoter Mamood, Papp & Quick, 2010
  Pseudodicrogenium Fahringer, 1936
  Pseudovipio Szépligeti, 1896

Rhadinobracon Szépligeti, 1906

Rhammura Enderlein, 1905
Rhytimorpha Szépligeti, 1901
  Rugosibracon Quicke, 1988
  Schiztobracon Cameron, 1906
Serraulax Quicke, 1987
  Serrundabracon van Achterberg, 2003
  Shelfordia Cameron, 1902
  Sobrinarchibracon Quicke, 1985
  Sororarchibracon Quicke, 1985
Soter Saussure, 1892
  Stenobracon Szépligeti, 1901
  Stirostoma Cameron, 1912
  Sylvibracon Quicke, 1984
  Triaspidogastra Granger, 1949
  Trigastrotheca Cameron, 1906
  Tropobracon Cameron, 1905
  Tsavobracon Quicke, 1985
  Vaepellis Quicke, 1987
Vipio Latreille, 1804
  Vipiomorpha Tobias, 1962
Zaglyptogastra Ashmead, 1900
  Zanzopsis van Achterberg, 1983


Endoparasitoids (idiobiont) of concealed larvae of xylophagous and stem-boring Coleoptera and Lepidoptera and rarely of Diptera and Symphyta.




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