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Identification Keys for Afrotropical Hymenoptera (Wasps, Bees, Ants)

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera)


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  • Suborder SYMPHYTA (Woodwasps, Horntails, Sawflies)

    • Superfamily Orussoidea

    • Superfamily Siricoidea

    • Superfamily Tenthredinoidea

      • Family Argidae (Argid sawflies)

      • Family Tenthredinidae (Common sawflies)


  • Suborder APOCRITA (PARASITICA)  (Parasitic wasps)

    • Superfamily Evanioidea

      • Family Aulacidae (Aulacid wasps)

      • Family Evaniidae (Ensign wasps)

      • Family Gasteruptiidae (Gasteruptid wasps)

    • Superfamily Stephanoidea

      • Family Stephanidae (Stephanid wasps)

    • Superfamily Megalyroidea

    • Superfamily Trigonaloidea

      • Family Trigonalidae (Trigonalid wasps)

    • Superfamily Ichneumonoidea

    • Superfamily Cynipoidea

    • Superfamily Diaprioidea

      • Family Diapriidae (Diapriid wasps)

      • Family Ismaridae (Ismarid wasps)

    • Superfamily Proctotrupoidea

      • Family Proctotrupidae (Proctotrupid wasps)

      • Family Heloridae (Helorid wasps)

    • Superfamily Platygastroidea 

    • Superfamily Ceraphronoidea  

      • Family Ceraphronidae (Ceraphronid wasps)

      • Family Megaspilidae (Megaspilid wasps)

    • Superfamily Chalcidoidea

      • Family Agaonidae (Fig wasps)

      • Family Aphelinidae (Aphelinid wasps)

      • Family Azotidae (Azotid wasps)

      • Family Chalcididae (Chalcidid wasps)

      • Family Encyrtidae (Encyrtid wasps)

      • Family Eriaporidae (Eriaporid wasps)

      • Family Eucharitidae (Eucharitid wasps)

      • Family Eulophidae (Eulophid wasps)

      • Family Eupelmidae (Eupelmid wasps)

      • Family Eurytomidae (Seed chalcids)

      • Family Pteromalidae (Pteromalid wasps)

      • Family Leucospidae (Leucospid wasps)

      • Family Mymaridae (Fairy wasps)

      • Family Ormyridae (Ormyrid wasps)

      • Family Perilampidae (Perilampid wasps)

      • Family Signiphoridae (Signiphorid wasps)

      • Family Tanaostigmatidae (Tanaostigmatid wasps)

      • Family Tetracampidae (Tetracampid wasps)

      • Family Torymidae (Torymid wasps)

      • Family Trichogrammatidae (Trichogrammatid wasps)


  • Suborder APOCRITA (ACULEATA) (Wasps, Ants, Bees)

  • Superfamily Chrysidoidea

    • Family Bethylidae (Bethylid wasps)

    • Family Chrysididae (Cuckoo wasps)

    • Family Dryinidae (Dryinid wasps)

    • Family Embolemidae (Embolemid wasps)

    • Family Plumariidae (Plumariid wasps)

    • Family Sclerogibbidae (Sclerogibbid wasps)

    • Family Scolebythidae (Scolebythid wasps)

  • Superfamily Vespoidea

    • Family Bradynobaenidae (Bradynobaenid wasps)

    • Family Formicidae (Ants)

    • Family Mutillidae (Velvet ants)

    • Family Pompilidae (Spider hunting wasps)

    • Family Rhopalosomatidae (Rhopalosomatid wasps)

    • Family Sapygidae (Sapygid wasps)

    • Family Scoliidae (Mammoth wasps)

    • Family Tiphiidae (Tiphiid wasps)

    • Family Vespidae (Paper, Potter & Pollen wasps)

  • Superfamily Apoidea

    • Family Ampulicidae (Cockroach wasps)

    • Family Andrenidae (Mining bees)

    • Family Apidae (Honey, Cuckoo, Digger & Carpenter bees)

    • Family Colletidae (Membrane, Plasterer & Masked bees)

    • Family Crabronidae (Bee Wolves, Sand wasps)

    • Family Halictidae (Sweat bees, Flower bees)

    • Family Heterogynaidae (Heterogynaid wasps)

    • Family Megachilidae (Leaf cutting bees, Mason Bees)

    • Family Melittidae (Melittid bees)

    • Family Sphecidae (Mud daubers, Digger & Sand wasps)

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Photographs Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).

Web author Simon van Noort (Iziko South African Museum)


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