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Key to species of Dinapsis

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Megalyroidea; Family: Megalyridae; Genus: Dinapsis)

ClassificationIdentification keys

1. Vertex produced dorsally forming a raised carina (A, B); subquadrate in anterior view (A) (Madagascar, Dinapsis hirtipes Hedqvist species-group) ...14

- Vertex normal, evenly rounded (a, b) ...2


2. Two large obvious sharply-pointed spines in close apposition on hind tibial apex (A); mesonotum with sharply-projecting wave-shaped lateral teeth and strong transverse ridges (B) (Tanzania) ...Dinapsis taita van Noort and Shaw

- Hind tibia without apical spines (a); mesonotum laterally rounded, mesonotal transverse ridges absent (b) ...3

3. Gena behind the orbital carina smooth (A); vertex polished, with only a few scattered minute punctures and setae (B); propodeum medially polished, mostly lacking cross-carinae between the submedian longitudinal carinae (B) (Madagascar) ...Dinapsis seyrigi Hedqvist

- Gena behind orbital carina sculptured, or densely punctate (a); vertex often sculptured (a), if smoother then with denser punctation and setae (b); propodeum medially usually with well-developed cross-carinae between the submedian longitudinal carinae (b) ...4


4. Mesonotum with a distinctive and strongly projecting carina (lateral mesonotal margin projected as a flange) situated postero-laterally that appears as a lobe-like lateral protuberance in dorsal view (A, B); mesonotum always smooth (A) (Madagascar) ...5

- Mesonotum without a strongly projecting carina situated postero-laterally (a), or if carina slightly projecting (b) then adjacent mesonotal surface with large fovea (b) ...6


5. Wings infuscate (brownish) without obvious bands (A); head weakly foveate-reticulate, face and vertex with polished areas between fovea, setae sparse and short (B) ...Dinapsis nubilis Hedqvist

- Wings with transverse black bands (a); head coarsely reticulate, with long setae (b) ...Dinapsis albicoxa Hedqvist

6. Vertex with a medial row of punctures, which may be fused to form a shallow groove, between ocelli (A, B) (Madagascar) ...Dinapsis oculohirta Hedqvist

- Vertex without a medial row of punctures between ocelli (a, b) ...7

7. Vertex and mesonotal lobes coarsely rugulose-reticulate (A); axillar suture demarcated by broad, longitudinally striate furrow (A); flagellum uniformly dark, or occasionally lighter in basal half (B) ...Dinapsis centralis Shaw and van Noort

Vertex finely or coarsely punctate, mesonotal lobes polished with sparse punctures or scattered fovea (a); axillar suture demarcated by foveate furrow (a); flagellum often with medial white band (b) ...8

8. Pronotal plate projecting dorsally as a bilobed crest (A), distinct in lateral view (B); head and mesosoma densely rugulose-punctate, with metallic greenish-bronze sheen (requires good lighting to discern) (A, B) (Mauritius) ...Dinapsis igneus van Noort and Shaw

- Pronotal plate not projecting dorsally (a, b); mesosoma polished or punctate, sometimes with scattered foveae, non-metallic (a, b) ...9

9. Metasoma pale orange contrasting with black head and mesosoma (A, B); ovipositor short, subequal in length to metasoma (B) (South Africa) ...Dinapsis bicolor van Noort and Shaw

- Metasoma black or brown, body unicolourous (a, b), mesonotum may have small orange patches; ovipositor long, as long as mesosoma and metasoma combined (b) ...10

10. Vertex coarsely punctate (A, B); dorsal mesonotal areas laterally with fovea, contrasting with polished medial mesonotal area (A, B) ...11

- Vertex finely punctate (a, b); dorsal mesonotal areas laterally without fovea, polished with fine punctation (a, b) ...12

11. Fovea on dorsal mesonotal areas weak (A); axillar suture demarcated by narrow furrow with fovea indistinct (A); mesonotum with orange patches (A, B); legs yellow (B) ...Dinapsis taita van Noort and Shaw

- Fovea on dorsal mesonotal areas strong (a); axillar suture demarcated by strongly foveate furrow (a); mesonotum uniformly black (a); legs dark brown (b) ...Dinapsis tricolor Shaw and van Noort

12. Forewing with narrow black bands, basal band absent from costal cell (A); apical infuscation diffuse (A); short, dark setae on dorsal surface of mesonotum (A); axillar sutures meet scutellar-mesonotal suture independently (B) Dinapsis turneri Waterston

Forewing with broad black bands, basal band extending to anterior wing margin through costal cell (a); apical infuscation darker, obviously demarcated subparallel to apical wing margin (a); longer, dark setae on dorsal surface of mesonotum; axillar sutures meet before scutellar-mesonotal suture (b) ...13

13. Head small, height in lateral view equivalent to mesosomal height (A); postocular furrow broad, half genal width, quarter of eye width(B) ...Dinapsis zulu Shaw and van Noort

- Head large, height in lateral view 1.5x greater than mesosomal height (a); postocular furrow narrow, one-fifth of genal width, one-seventh of eye width (b) ...Dinapsis gamka van Noort and Shaw

14. Distal prong present on hind tibia (A, B) ...15

- Distal prong absent on hind tibia (a, b) ...16

15. Setae on distal prong spatulate (A); female body mostly brownish (B) ...Dinapsis planifrons Mita and Shaw

- Setae on distal prong simple (a, b); female body mostly blackish (b) ...Dinapsis scriptus Mita and Shaw

16. Transverse carina on vertex strongly developed (A, B), width of carina wider than minimum distance between inner eye margins in anterior view (A) ...17

- Transverse raised carina on vertex less developed (a, b), width of carina narrower than minimum distance between inner eye margins in anterior view (b) ...18

17. Forewing with dark bands; posterior margin of raised vertex (A) and anterior margin of mesoscutum excavated medially (B) ...Dinapsis hirtipes Hedqvist

- Forewing without dark band; posterior margin of raised vertex (a) and anterior margin of mesoscutum flat (b), at most slightly excavated medially ...Dinapsis luteus Mita and Shaw

18. Head round, as long as wide in lateral view (A); dorsal surface of head rounded in lateral view (A); ovipositor whitish excluding brown apex (B) ...Dinapsis albicauda Mita and Shaw

- Head oval, longer than wide in lateral view (a); dorsal surface of head less rounded in lateral view (a); ovipositor entirely brown (b) ...Dinapsis cresta Mita and Shaw


Mita T & Shaw SR. 2020. A taxonomic study of Dinapsis Waterson, 1922 from Madagascar (Hymenoptera: Megalyridae, Dinapsini): crested wasps of the hirtipes species-group. Zootaxa 4858: 7184. https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4858.1.4

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Key developed by Simon van Noort. Photographs included in the keys Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).

Web author Simon van Noort (Iziko South African Museum)


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