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Deinodryinus Perkins

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Chrysidoidea; Family: Dryinidae; Subfamily: Anteoninae)

Deinodryinus Perkins, 1907. Type species: Deinodryinus paradoxus Perkins, 1907, by subsequent designation (Muesebeck & Walkley, 1951).

Trisanteon Kieffer, 1913. Type species: Trisanteon hirticornis (Kieffer, 1911), by monotypy and original designation (synonymy by Olmi, 1984).
Electrodryinus Ponomarenko, 1975 
Type species: Electrodryinus areolatus Ponomarenko, 1975, by monotypy (synonymy by Olmi, 1984).

Prioranteon Olmi, 1984. Type species: Prioranteon casalei Olmi, 1984 (synonymy by Olmi, 2007).

ClassificationIdentification keys

Deinodryinus ambrensis Olmi, Copeland & van Noort, 2019

  Deinodryinus benoiti Olmi, 1984
  Deinodryinus capensis Olmi, 2007
  Deinodryinus casalei (Olmi, 1984)
  Deinodryinus danielssoni Olmi, 1997

Deinodryinus granulatus Olmi, Copeland & van Noort, 2019

  Deinodryinus guineensis Olmi, 1997
  Deinodryinus harinhalai Olmi, 2010
  Deinodryinus irreptus Olmi, 1994

Deinodryinus insulanus (Benoit, 1954)


Deinodryinus madagascariensis (Benoit, 1954)


Deinodryinus madecassus (Benoit, 1954)


Deinodryinus monticolus Olmi, 1984

Deinodryinus musingilai Olmi, Copeland & Guglielmino, 2015
  Deinodryinus namorokensis Olmi, 2010

Deinodryinus nigropictus Olmi, Copeland & van Noort, 2019

  Deinodryinus orangeanus Olmi, 2004
  Deinodryinus paulyi (Olmi, 1987)
Deinodryinus piceus Olmi, Copeland & van Noort, 2019
  Deinodryinus pulcher Olmi, 2010
Deinodryinus prinslooi (Olmi, 1987)


Deinodryinus richardsi (Olmi, 1984)

  Deinodryinus rusticus Olmi, 2004
  Deinodryinus sabaeus Olmi & van Harten, 2006
  Deinodryinus sofiensis Guglielmino & Olmi, 2015
  Deinodryinus steineri Olmi, 1994
  Deinodryinus suavis Olmi, 2004
  Deinodryinus umtamvunensis Olmi, 2007


Cape Verde Islands, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Yemen.

Also Nearctic, Neotropical, Oriental &  Palaearctic regions.

Species richness

About 154 species worldwide (Xu et al., 2013).


Hosts: Cicadellidae. The Deinodryinus larvae form a typical cyst (=thylacium) situated dorsally between the head and pronotum (Guglielmino & Olmi, 2006; 2007; 2015)

Photograph © Massimo Olmi (Viterbo).


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Photographs © Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa). or © Bob Copeland (ICIPE) or © Massimo Olmi (Viterbo).


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