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Key to Afrotropical Oberthuerella species

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Cynipoidea; Family: Liopteridae)


ClassificationLiopteridae keysCynipoidea keys

1. Metasoma with terga 35 conspicuously setose ...2


- Metasoma with terga 35 glabrous or with sparse setae on tergite 5 ...3


2. Mesoscutum covered with long, dense, pale setae; speculum shagreened; metasoma reddish-brown with white setae ...Oberthuerella simba


- Mesoscutum covered with long, sparse, dark setae; speculum smooth; metasoma burnt-orange with orange setae ...Oberthuerella aureopilosa


3. Petiole slightly more than 3X longer than wide; forewing with contrasting dark patch on costa, basal to a white distal subquadrate window; areolet absent, cubital cell open along ventral margin ...Oberthuerella transiens


- Petiole not more than 2X longer than wide. Forewing more evenly infuscate; areolet present or absent, cubital cell open or closed along ventral margin ...4


4. Median keel of face very short, terminating at a point between or just ventral of a horizontal line drawn between toruli ...5


- Median keel long, extending beyond horizontal line drawn between toruli ...6


5. Scutellar spine, in dorsal view, as long as petiole ...Oberthuerella lenticularis


- Scutellar spine, in dorsal view, much shorter than petiole ...Oberthuerella triformis


6. Pronotum dorsally and laterally distinctly vertically striate, wavelike, with only faint fovea ...7


- Pronotum dorsally and laterally foveate, with only slight striations present (if at all) ...9


7. Head, mesosoma and metasoma all black to dark brownish/red; peglike setae absent on posterior margin of T-6 and T-7 ...Oberthuerella kibalensis


- Head and mesosoma black to dark brown, metasoma burnt orange; peglike setae present on posterior margin of T-6 and T-7 (arrowed) ...8


8. Two distinct scutellar fovea present, each subdivided into 5 subfovea, resulting in a total of 10 subfovea ...Oberthuerella breviscutellaris


- Single large central scutellar fovea present with two lateral fovea, each divided into 2 subfovea, resulting in 5 fovea in total ...Oberthuerella sharkeyi


9. Speculum shagreened to smooth dorsally, ventrally smooth ...10


- Speculum crenulate dorsally, gently shagreened ventrally ...Oberthuerella cyclopia


10. Middle to lower face with two parallel, dorso-ventral grooves present, composed of fine, horizontal striations; clypeo-pleurostomal line present ...Oberthuerella eschara


- Middle to lower face horizontally striate or foveate, dorso-ventral grooves lacking; clypeo-pleurostomal line absent, area typically horizontally striate or punctate ...11


11. Pronotum and mesoscutum with smooth to shagreened space between individual fovea ...15


- Pronotum and mesoscutum with fovea abutting each other, resulting in a craggy appearance ...12


12. Raised longitudinally triangular space present along midline of face, terminating at dorsal margin of clypeus; scutellar fovea divided into 3 subfovea ...Oberthuerella longicaudata


- Raised triangular space absent from face, instead, area is deeply costate-foveate, with or without thin longitudinal keel; scutellar fovea subdivided into 5-6 subfovea ...13


13. Head, mesosoma, and legs black to very dark brown ...16


- Head and mesosoma black to dark brown, legs orange/yellow ...14


14. Longitudinal facial keel narrow, extending from inter-torular space to dorsal margin of clypeus ...Oberthuerella longispinosa


- Longitudinal facial keel narrow dorsally, becoming irregularly widened ventrally, ending before the dorsal margin of the clypeus ...Oberthuerella crassicornis


15. Anterior base of scutellum with 5 sub-fovea; admedial lines indistinct to absent; mesoscutal surface dominated by shallow fovea, with more distinct horizontal striations ...Oberthuerella pardolatus


- Anterior base of scutellum with 7 sub-fovea; admedial lines distinct; mesoscutal surface with distinct fovea ...Oberthuerella tibialis


16. Metasoma entirely dark brown or black ...Oberthuerella nigrescens


- Metasoma entirely orange or yellow ...Oberthuerella abscinda


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Photographs Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa) or Matt Buffington (Systematic Entomology Laboratory, USDA/ARS).

Web author Simon van Noort (Iziko South African Museum)


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