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Synopeas Förster

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Platygastroidea; Family: Platygastridae; Subfamily: Platygastrinae)

Synopeas Förster 1856. Type species: Synopeas inermis Thomson, 1859; designated by Muesebeck & Walkley (1951).

Ectadius Förster, 1856: 108.
Polymecus Förster, 1856: 144.
Dolichotrypes Crawford & Bradley, 1911: 124.
Haustagaster Szabo, 1979: 178.


Synopeas acutanguliceps Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas africanus Buhl, 2004 (Ivory Coast)

Synopeas ambrense Buhl, 2015 (Madagascar)

Synopeas angulaticeps Buhl, 2010 (Tanzania)

Synopeas basipubens Buhl, 2014 (Togo)


Synopeas bicolor Sundholm, 1970 (South Africa)

Synopeas bifoveatus (Kieffer, 1912) (Seychelles)

Synopeas canopyanum Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas capensis Buhl, 2005 (South Africa)

Synopeas ciliarissimum Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania, Togo)

Synopeas congoana (Risbec, 1958) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Synopeas cynipsoides Buhl, 2004 (Ethiopia)

Synopeas dentilamellatum Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania, Togo)

Synopeas dorsale Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania, Togo)


Synopeas fredskovae Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas fulvimanus Buhl, 2004 (Ethiopia)

Synopeas glabratum Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas gnom Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas goengeti Buhl, 1997 (Uganda)

Synopeas ibadanensis Buhl, 2004 (Nigeria)

Synopeas iensis (Risbec, 1953) (Madagascar)

Synopeas kovacsi Buhl, 2004 (Ethiopia)

Synopeas laeviventre Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas lineae Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas longiceps Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas madagascariensis (Risbec, 1953) (Madagascar)

Synopeas mazumbaiense Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas meieri Buhl, 2014 (Togo)


Synopeas monticola (Kieffer, 1910) (Central Africa)

Synopeas nigeriana Buhl, 2004 (Ivory Coast, Nigeria)

Synopeas nigerrimus Sundholm, 1970 (South Africa)

Synopeas pallidicornis Buhl, 2006 (Gambia)

Synopeas polaszeki Buhl, 2004 (Ivory Coast)

Synopeas popovicii Buhl, 2015 (Madagascar)

Synopeas procerus Buhl, 2005 (South Africa)

Synopeas rajaonarimampianinai Buhl, 2015 (Madagascar)

Synopeas royi Buhl, 2001 (South Africa)

Synopeas semihyalinum Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas seychellensis (Kieffer, 1912) (Seychelles)

Synopeas soederlundi Buhl, 2005 (South Africa)

Synopeas striatus (Risbec, 1958) (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Synopeas sundholmi Buhl, 2005 (South Africa)

Synopeas tanzanianum Buhl, 2010 (Tanzania, Togo)

Synopeas thorkildi Buhl, 2004 (Tanzania)

Synopeas togoense Buhl, 2014 (Togo)

Synopeas tropicus Buhl, 1997 (Uganda)

Synopeas tschirnhausi Buhl, 2014 (Togo)

Synopeas tuberosus Sundholm, 1970 (South Africa)

Synopeas ventricosum Buhl, 2014 (Togo. Also Oriental region)

Synopeas verrucosum Buhl, 2011 (Tanzania)

Synopeas watsoni Buhl, 2014 (Togo)

Synopeas species




Parasitoids of gall midges (Cecidomyiidae).


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