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Dryinus turneri Olmi, Copeland & Guglielmino

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Chrysidoidea; Family: Dryinidae; Subfamily: Dryininae; Genus: Dryinus)

Dryinus turneri Olmi, Copeland & Guglielmino, 2015.

Lestodryinus ampuliciformis Turner, 1928. Holotype: female in The Natural History Museum, London (NHMUK). Type locality: Port St. Johns, South Africa. Preoccupied by Dryinus (= Campylonyx) ampuliciformis (Westwood, 1835). New substitute name proposed by Olmi et al. (2015).


Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe.




The new substitute name Dryinus turneri was proposed in honour of the famous British entomologist Mr R. E. Turner (Olmi et al. 2015).


Dryinus ampuliciformis (Turner, 1928) is preoccupied by Campylonyx ampuliciformis Westwood, 1835 (now a junior synonym of Dryinus collaris Linnaeus, 1767), because Campylonyx Westwood, 1835 is a junior synonym of Dryinus Latreille, 1804 (synonymized by Olmi, 1984) (Olmi et al. 2015).


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Map illustration Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).

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