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Key to species of Odontosphaeropyx  

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera;  Superfamily: Ichneumonoidea; Family: Braconidae; Subfamily: Cheloninae; Genus: Odontosphaeropyx)

ClassificationIdentification keys

1 Carapace with ventral flange, sometimes small on third tergite (A); length of ventral opening as long as carapace (A) ...2


– Carapace without ventral flange on third tergite (a); length of ventral opening slightly smaller than carapace (a) ...4


2 Mesoscutellum convex in lateral view (A); mesosoma black, carapace yellow-orange; body size at least 8.5 mm ...3


– Mesoscutellum flattened in lateral view (a); mesosoma mostly reddish-orange, carapace darkened, with a red-rufous background; 9.90–10.00 mm (South Africa) ...Odontosphaeropyx ruficeps Cameron, 1910


3 Medio-apical tooth of clypeus acute (A); vein cu-a of fore wing strongly inclivous (B); carapace 1.80–1.90ื longer than wide; 8.80 mm (Tanzania) ...Odontosphaeropyx mkomaziensis Kittel, 2014


– Medio-apical tooth of clypeus blunt (a); vein cu-a of fore wing slightly inclivous (b); carapace 1.5ื longer than wide; 8.50 mm (South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe) ...Odontosphaeropyx fulviventris (Brues 1924)


4 Carapace 1.70ื longer than wide, slightly enlarged apically in lateral view; vein 2-SR + M of fore wing absent; carapace orange-red; 11.7 mm (Kenya) ...Odontosphaeropyx maximus (Zettel, 2002)


– Carapace more than 2.0ื longer than wide, its shape variable in lateral view but rather straight; vein 2SR + M present but short; colour of carapace variable ...5


5 Mesosoma rufous-orange (A); coxae brown to dark brown (A); carapace black (A, B), second tergite with large transverse patch basally; first tergite basally rugulose-reticulate to finely reticulate apically, covered by dense short whitish setae (B); carapace 2.3ื longer than wide; body 6.1 mm (Nigeria, D.R. of Congo) ...Odontosphaeropyx flavifasciatus (Zettel 1990)


– Mesosoma black (a); colour of fore and mid coxae variable; colour of carapace variable (a, b); structure of first tergite variable; length of carapace at least 2.0ื longer than wide (b) ...6


6 Fore and mid coxa mostly white (A, B); carapace black (A), colour of second tergite variable (B); carapace at least 2.8 longer than wide (Madagascar) ...7


– Fore and mid coxae brown (a); carapace orange (a) except first tergite, which may be largely black (b); carapace 2.09–2.41ื longer than wide; 7.30 mm (Namibia, Tanzania) ...Odontosphaeropyx bicoloratus Braet, 2014


7 Fore and mid coxae and trochanters white; first tergite 1.2ื as long as apical width, with two long dorsolateral carinae (reaching middle of tergum), longitudinally rugose (A); vein 2-SC + R of hind wing short (B); clypeus ventrally with blunt median tooth (C); second tergite with small lateral and one median semicircular patch basally, carapace 4.3ื longer than wide; 6.4–7.4 mm (Madagascar) ...Odontosphaeropyx leucocoxus Braet, 2012


– Fore and mid coxa white, more or less largely brownish basally, fore and mid trochanters white; first tergite as long as apically wide, with two short dorso-lateral carina, rather areolate rugulose (a); vein 2-SC + R of hind wing long (b); clypeus ventrally with acute median tooth (c); second tergite red-brownish, carapace 2.80ื longer than wide; 5.00 mm (Madagascar) ...Odontosphaeropyx gracilis Braet, 2012


Braet, Y., van Noort, S. & Kittel, R.N. 2014. New species of the ‘rare’ genera Dentigaster Zettel, 1990 and Odontosphaeropyx Cameron, 1910 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae: Cheloninae). Austral Entomology 54: 197-209. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/aen.12112


Photographs ฉ Yves Braet, Rebecca Kittel or Simon van Noort (Iziko South African Museum).

Web author Simon van Noort (Iziko South African Museum)


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