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Brachymeria Westwood

(Life: Kingdom: Metazoa (animals); Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Hexapoda; Order: Hymenoptera; Superfamily: Chalcidoidea; Family: Chalcididae; Subfamily: Chalcidinae; Tribe: Brachymeriini)

Brachymeria Westwood, 1829. Type species: Vespa minuta Linnaeus 1766, by subsequent designation (Westwood, J.O., 1829).


Brachymeria species (South Africa)

Brachymeria acarinatus (Schmitz, 1946)


Brachymeria africa Masi, 1929 


Brachymeria alberti (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria albicrus (Klug, 1834)

Brachymeria albipes (Kieffer, 1905)

Brachymeria albisquama Kriechbaumer, 1894

Brachymeria bauhiniae (Steffan, 1951)

Brachymeria bayoni Masi, 1929

Brachymeria boranensis Masi, 1939

Brachymeria bottegi Masi, 1929

Brachymeria brunneipennis (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria butae (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria citrea Steffan, 1954

Brachymeria clavigera Steffan, 1955

Brachymeria cowani (Kirby, 1883)

Brachymeria debauchei (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria dunbrodyensis (Cameron, 1907)

Brachymeria erythraea Masi, 1936

Brachymeria eublemmae (Steffan, 1951)

Brachymeria excarinata Gahan, 1925

  Brachymeria femorata Masi, 1929

Brachymeria feae Masi, 1929

Brachymeria globata Steffan, 1954

Brachymeria inornata Masi, 1940

Brachymeria kassalensis (Kirby, 1886)


Brachymeria kivuensis (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria leighi (Cameron, 1907)

Brachymeria lingulata Steffan, 1955

Brachymeria lissostoma (Cameron, 1911)

Brachymeria madagascariensis (Kieffer, 1905)

Brachymeria magrettii Masi, 1929

Brachymeria marmonti (Girault, 1924)

Brachymeria megensis Masi, 1943

Brachymeria microgaster (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria mochii Masi, 1936

Brachymeria multicolor (Kieffer, 1905)

Brachymeria nursei (Cameron, 1907)

Brachymeria olethria (Waterston, 1914)

Brachymeria paolii Masi, 1929

Brachymeria pilosella Steffan, 1954

Brachymeria podagrica (Fabricius, 1787)

Brachymeria porrecta Steffan, 1954

Brachymeria pseudamenocles Masi, 1943

Brachymeria reflexa Steffan, 1954

Brachymeria risbeci Steffan, 1954

Brachymeria rufa Steffan, 1954

Brachymeria rufiventris (Kieffer, 1905)

Brachymeria securiclavus (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria sesamiae Gahan, 1928

Brachymeria setosiella Steffan, 1954

Brachymeria somalica Masi, 1929

Brachymeria straeleni (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria tenuicornis (Kieffer, 1905)

Brachymeria tibialis Steffan, 1958

Brachymeria truncata (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria varipes (Walker, 1871)

Brachymeria vulcani (Schmitz, 1946)

Brachymeria wanei Risbec, 1957

Brachymeria xanthopus (Schmitz, 1946)

Distribution Worldwide.
Biology Brachymeria species are mostly primary parasitoids of butterfly and moth pupa (Lepidoptera), but a few attack muscoid Diptera or are secondary parasitoids of tachinid and sarcophagid Diptera parasitizing Lepidoptera and Orthoptera.


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Photographs Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa).

Web author Simon van Noort (Iziko South African Museum)


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